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The Adorable Charm of Minnesota’s Squirrels

The squirrel is one of the most beloved and iconic animals of Minnesota — they’re just so darn cute! From their fluffy tails and curious eyes, to their charming antics and playful behaviors, these critters have a way of captivating us with their cuteness. But why are they so beloved here in Minnesota? Let’s take a look!

One thing that’s particularly special about the squirrel population here in Minnesota is the sheer variety of species we can find. While there are thirteen types of tree squirrels across North America, if you’re lucky enough to venture into northern parts of the state, you may spot several flying squirrels as well. The Northern Flying Squirrel is especially common in Minnesota’s Lower Peninsula and can be identified by its rather large size (up to 9.5 inches) compared to other flying squirrel varieties found elsewhere around the world.


Those Big Ol’ Puppy Dog Eyes!

No matter where you go in North America, when it comes to charming looks, it’s hard to beat a good old fashioned tree squirrel — especially those found right here in Minnesota! Unlike ground or flying squirrels which tend to be smaller than their chipmunk cousins, the tree variety typically weigh between 12-20 ounces with body lengths around 13-20 inches long — plus those big ol’ puppy dog eyes don’t hurt either! What’s more, unlike many other members of the rodent family who are often viewed as shy or timid creatures by many humans,Northern Tree Squirrels (often referred to as “Grays” since most sport dark gray fur) have been known for being quite outgoing and inquisitive around people — jumping right up onto feeders and even tents if given a chance!

So why are these furry little guys so cute? Perhaps it’s due in part with their incredibly active nature — constantly scampering up trees or scurrying along branches while searching for nuts or seeds. Or maybe it’s because when they hop along flat surfaces such as pathways or backyards they almost seem like they’re skipping out of pure joy (which seems only fitting given our state bird is actually an Eastern Gray Squirrel!). Whatever your reason, it’s hard not to be awe struck by these little critters everytime you spot them amongst our Northwoods forests!

All jokes aside though – the incredible importance of our graySquirrel populations shouldn’t be overlooked either. As important members within our local ecosystems here in Minnesota – from providing food sources for predators such as hawks and owls – to contributing greatly towards maintaining healthy seed stocks for future generations – it doesn’t take much effort at all these days for us all do our part when it comes to making sure these furry little friends continue thriving within our great state for years ahead!

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